Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Word from TWayne...

Hello People!!!

It is a real pleasure to introduce you to and our blog. Trust me when I say that you cannot be on a better site at this very moment!!! Why???? Because this is your one stop fashion catalogue…..the first and only…..and not forgetting THE VERY BEST 100% wholly-owned “Undeniably Nigerian” initiative!!!!

It really is very exciting to be part of this! I knew I definitely had to be a part of this the very minute I heard about Believe me, I struggled to be part of the team and I am beaming from ear to ear like a beaver right now. I know I will enjoy every minute of writing for them.

Okay…let me tell you a bit of what we are about. was set up to promote the Nigerian Fashion Beauty and Style (FBS) industry to the local and international market. We knew the industry was becoming larger:

· the minute more and more professionals left high-paying jobs for careers in fashion!;

· the minute more and more people bought This Day newspaper on Sundays, not for the news but for the enclosed Fashion and Style magazine;

· the minute more and more people bought magazines like Genevieve, True Love just to get a feel of the latest trends;

I could go on and on………….

BUT one thing we were certain of was the stronger impact the fashion industry was having on Nigeria. Those who have studied the history of fashion would understand the link between fashion, architecture and politics. Okay….let’s not even go there right now…… I will definitely talk about this in later editions.

SO who are we?

· A group of young individuals trying to communicate a positive Nigerian image to a local and international market.

· A group of young individuals trying to create awareness for the Nigerian fashion, image and style industry through the use of the commonest medium available – the internet!

· A group of young individuals trying to introduce our designers to far-flung markets, which otherwise would not have had a taste of what Nigeria has to offer.

· A group of young individuals trying to stimulate global trade for our designers, which would, inevitably, stimulate the growth of our economy.

· A group of young individuals trying to encourage our indigenous designs, which though very Nigerian in nature, can be fused with Western fashion.

With a large and positive vision, we know we will become the first point of call when viewers want information on the Nigerian fashion, beauty and style industry.

AND how are we doing this?

· By creating an excellent interactive platform where various Nigerian designers can advertise their products and services;

· By creating a catalogue and resource site for clothing, accessories, hair, beauty and other related products, services and concepts; and

· By creating a one-stop fashion clinic where all your queries, orders and requirements can be met.

As you get a feel of our site, please let me welcome you once again to this amazing “Undeniably Nigerian” online resource clinic.

As time goes on, we will introduce you to our featured designers and players in the Nigerian FBS industry, provide information on where you can get the best yet affordable products and services for yourselves and your events, provide information on hosted events, and have access to our style consultants who are able to proffer feasible solutions to your style concerns……and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our very own stitchesandseams blog site will become very “hectic” (lol….that’s a new slang I learnt recently……, used to describe basically anything “hot”)!

So why not make your welcome page?!

Do have a wonderful week!




Saturday, February 2, 2008


Someone asked me why we set up the website -

Well... the thought occured to me after a frustrating period of trying to get something different to wear. Here I was standing in my room and staring at my closet thinking to myself, "Men, I need something different in this place". I looked to the right side and saw a couple of "aso ebi" (event specific fabric) I never used. So I asked around and everyone I knew seemed to be looking for how to get rid of their "tailor" and get another person. Most folks had their separate reasons mostly centered around not liking the guy's work and the inability to keep to set deadlines. I like unique stuff and I was quite tired of the usual "up and down" most guys wear. Besides, is it just me or is it more difficult to design an outfit for a guy or what?

I wanted something different. I had no idea what I wanted but I felt it had to be different. So I thought to myself: "I'm sure there are great guys out there who have stunning designs and I probably don't know about them. Isn't there somewhere you could go to find a list of these guys and their stuff so I can select something I like?" That's when it struck me that there was no such thing and I thought it'll be interesting to provide such information to people.

Well... a few months later ... and here we are!

I don't know about you but hitherto, fashion in Nigeria had literally been non-existent to me. But it is absolutely amazing and I mean you will be awed at how much potential is in the fashion industry in Nigeria. Dozens of fashion related events and publications are made in Lagos alone on a weekly basis and I never really knew it existed. For all I cared, if I need anything, just look for some guy that knows someone that does a good job! If you give the guy your fabric and he does a god job, great, if not, better luck next time.

What seeks to do is to provide a platform to show the world what the Nigerian Fashion Industry is all about!

While we applaud the creativity of our very own hard working designers, most of us would rather buy clothes made by foreign designers; largely because we have nowhere to look "inward" and so we will rather look outwards. But now, thanks to the platform of the internet, whether you are in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America or in the Caribbeans, you have access to the greatest source of information on the fashion designers in the Nigerian Fashion and Style Industry.

I'd like to invite you to visit to and browse through our online features. It is our expectation that more than just browsing, your interest will be triggered and you will be impressed enough to give the designers a call today either to place an order or simply drop a nice comment. The guys you see on this site are the movers and shakers of the industry. You definitely will not regret the experience!